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Decorative objects Esoteric jewelery Minerals and rocks




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Our services


Large and small trade
- Planning
- Processing
Chiseling, carving, engraving
- Minerals and jewelry distribution
- Art of street
- Monument Restoration


Marble - granite - limestone - quarzit and exclusive sourcing, marketing, processing and production of construction, interior design and use of materials funerary products. Details...


Our main activities include various marble, granite and limestone raw materials made of tombstones manufacture, marketing and design. Details...

Building work

As a large proportion of stone in our architecture profile includes kitchen, bathroom counters, stairs, window sills, facade, patio covers manufacturing, distribution and installation Details...



Interior design elements


Kitchen Countertops
- Bathroom counters
- Tables
Wall and floor coverings

Bathroom items

Bathrooms include a number of elements be reflected in the granite, limestone, quartzite or floor tiles, wall covering, as a counter or sink. Details...

Kitchen items

Granite countertops, and kitchen items, ceramics and quartzite. The infinite variety of natural stone and give a specific and unique lend. Details...

Office items

The decorative elements of our offices be reflected in the granite, limestone, quartzite, like floor tiles, wall coverings, in the form of office equipment. Details...



Interior design elements 2


- Design elements
- Fireplaces
- Stairs
- Cornices


Because of granite, marble, limestone staircases made decorative appearance and durability are useful and enhance the atmosphere of our home. Details...


Design products

An excellent choice for an elegant, sleek modern shapes of our homes. Back smuggler with the nature of the walls, so again a real relationship can be developed with our world.



Distribution in a wide range - fireplaces and fireplace floorings, depending on the version, classic and modern style furnaces. Details...



Minerals, jewelry, gift shop


- Natural minerals, geode
- Bracelets, chains, pendants
- Chakra jewelry
- Earrings, rings
- Hand Stones
- Luckywoods

Minerals and rocks

In the Kő-dekor Online webshop you will find everything that is natural or mineral polished precious stones, articles of jewelery and souvenirs.   Details...

Esoteric jewelery

"There is the jewel... The one who is yours. The most beautiful, the most beautiful. Not because gold is adorned with diamond stones. But it has a soul. Details

Decorative objects

In our offers you can find a big number of gift ideas ornaments view. The stone, processed minerals and other souvenirscan be a modern and traditional decor at homes and offices. Details...



Exclusive materials


- Luxury collection
- Onixes
- Marbles
- Quartzits
- Ceramics


The interior design market is the youngest material in the Neolith and UNICERAMICA ceramics. Due to the specific character of the products used in many areas, both indoors and indoors. 


Modern kitchens must-see accessories - pure colors and outstanding technical talent. Details


Special, exclusive decorative stones, onyx processing, positioning. Get one of these illuminated stone on the floor or on the wall, is decorated in an apartment, which can be justly proud.



Funerary products


- Vases
- Kaspi
- Candles
- Crosses
- Sculptures
- Rosettes
- Wreath Holders
- Urns
- Caissons

Bronze products

We are selling the bronze funerary ornaments, vases, candle holders, bronze letters, which can be mounted in a professional manner to their destination. Details

Stone products

Marble, granite, limestone, supply, distribution and processing of construction, interior design and use of funeral products and quarzit Exlusive materials. Details...

Artificial stone products

Artificial stone products are antique, travertine and bronze finish, so the granite monuments can be prestigious adornments.



Stone caption


- Hand-engraving
- Laser engraving
- Machine engraving
- Machine carvings
- Manual carvings
- Bronze letters
- Aluminium letters
- Enameled letters


Based on your ideas and photos taken in the dark, mostly black stones of various sizes undertake figures, portraits and engraving objects.

Engraved letters

Our use of technology is mostly used sandblasting alphabetical uniform depth can produce large surfaces to display the letters and graphics.

Bronze letters

The bronze letters offer an excellent opportunity for a durable and attractive decoration of the monuments, gravestones, street signs labeling. Several bronze font sizes and styles can be found. Details...



Stone processing


- Block Stone processing
- CNC processing
- Grinding, polishing
-- Stokking
-- Flaming
- Sandblasting
- Hand-carving

Stone cutting

Current toughest rocks suitable for our machines for cutting, cutting marble, granite-like limestone, basalt-andesite-ceramic, etc.


Our company takes all the hard rock grinding, polishing, as well as on-site limestone marble floors, stairs renovation, polishing.


Motifs, images, carving shapes, whether manual or automated, embossed or bas-relief, experts realize what you have imagined.



Outdoor stone ornaments


- Kaspi
- Flower tanks
- Outdoor lights
- Benches
- Outdor tables
- Fountains
- Toddlers, floor tiles
- Outdoor grills

Flower bowls, plant pots

During the production of processed cement and stone grit is transformed into a product that is fully machined and hand-painted, resistent of time, and the styles and fashions of change. Details...

Outdoor grills

Wide range, short delivery times varied product range of powertrain options to the visitors, which we offer at affordable prices for everyone.

Fountains elegant

The flower bowls, pots, toddlers, floor tiles and outdoor lights are on, so our products can be found with which we can make our environment more beautiful and feel more at home.



Stone care products


- Stone Cleaners
- Stone-care products
- Stone glues
- Silicones
- Impregnating
- Color deep changer


Applicability: The cleaning AKEMI finely polished stone, polished, non-absorbent and absorbent stones such as crop and plant. marble, granite, terrazzo surface is suitable for indoor care. Details...

Stone care

  A silicon-based stone polish polish that cleans a single administration .This gives a new light to the polishing floors, tabletops and work surfaces.  


Application: AKEMI can make the natural stone impregnating and Special for impregnating all absorbent mineral building materials water-repellent.



Featured products

Featured products


- Coverings
- Memorials
- Urn
- Windowsill
- Kitchen-Bathroom

Befor you choose

Always choose a particular product, that several generations have a particular value to the...



Our business makes up a significant part of the turnover of the retail service sector, we try to...